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Monday 22nd, July

Consumer tips

Consumer Tips and Info:

Unfortunately many people have little of no experience in purchasing a Headstone.

Please find some useful information below.

Be an informed shopper
Headstones are unlike anything you will ever buy in your lifetime. Headstones should never break down, go out of fashion or lose their value; it is supposed to be admired for future generations.

Shop around; Compare Quality, Craftsmanship and Price, in that order before making any decisions.

Ask yourself are they the same?
Make sure you are getting the same material, shape and size. Two memorials that look similar can be completely different in materials and price.

The best showroom you will see is in your local cemetery.
Visit the cemetery before deciding on which monumental sculptor. Compare craftsmanship and quality because what you see in their showroom may not be what they put in the cemetery. Never buy a headstone from anyone who approaches you in a cemetery.

Monumental sculpting is a treasured craft, something funeral directors, grave diggers and cemetery authorities can never recreate buy only from a reputable monumental sculptor


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